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Our Mission

The Mission of Ste Jeanne d'Arc School is to continue the teaching ministry of Jesus by providing an academically challenging and service-oriented education within a Catholic faith community.

Our Values

Partner - Our faculty closely partners with parents to ensure each student’s learning environment extends from the classroom to the home.

Nurture - We nurture our students in a safe environment where they can be awakened to the concepts of faith, community, personal identity and self-worth.

Challenge - Ste Jeanne d’Arc School challenges students to go beyond their self-imposed limitations and to broaden their understanding of themselves and each other.

Prepare - A customized curriculum at each grade level prepares our students with the intellectual and moral knowledge and behaviors to succeed.

Capacity for learning - All our students are equipped with a “capacity to learn” - that is, the self-discipline and the intellectual tools to confidently acquire new knowledge.

Courage - Each of our students manifests the personal courage to make difficult decisions grounded in fundamental,
Judaeo-Christian values.

Compassion - Our students are compassionate young people who seek a connection with all human beings, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. The school provides a safe, positive, respectful, and inclusive culture that ensures equity and honors diversity.

Curiosity - Each student is encouraged to ask thoughtful questions, to introduce original ideas and to seek knowledge with a lasting sense of curiosity and adventure.

Leadership - Students are encouraged and mentored to develop their unique leadership skills.  SJA students learn to take the initiative when appropriate, set priorities, listen to others and express their opinions, work with peers and teachers to achieve common goals.

Our Vision

Ste Jeanne d’Arc School’s vision is to continue to be one of the top Catholic elementary schools in the nation by:

Attracting students who may best benefit from our educational opportunities;

Creating a school organization that attracts, retains and develops talented and committed staff members who live our values;

Attracting highly qualified teachers and specialists to our educational staff;

Investing in key programs and technologies to offer innovative education to our students;

Achieving the highest standards for quality educational outcomes, student performance, and operational excellence;

Modeling a leadership role in meeting the educational challenges for the community;

Supporting community outreach programs that attest to our gospel values;

Developing the skills that will enable the students to successfully function in a global society;

Maintaining the standards of academic excellence of our 2010 Blue Ribbon Award from the U. S. Department of Education.