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Academic Events

Science Fair

Our annual Science Fair held in March is a much-anticipated event. Students in grades K to 8 prepare for the Fair months in advance by selecting an area to investigate. Younger students are assigned a topic by their teachers; older students choose a topic they wish to explore. After months of hard work, research, experimentation, and trial and error the students are ready for Science Fair.  Judges from the scientific community interview the students who explain their research, state their hypothesis, present their findings and observations, explain their conclusions and answer the judge’s questions. Trophies are awarded to the winning students. The Science Fair helps our students take responsibility for an independent project; work through the steps of the scientific method; develop poise and confidence in public speaking. The projects are on display in the evening and the school is open to parents, family members, and friends who wish to attend.


Art Fair

Our annual Art Fair held in April showcases the artwork that students have created throughout the year in their art classes. Students of all grade levels have their art displayed on the walls inside and outside their classroom. Crafts projects are also featured. All work is judged in each category and prizes are awarded to those showing the most creativity and original use of mediums and color. The Art Fair is open to the public during the evening of judging and attracts parents, grandparents, alumni who come to admire the work produced each year by our young artists.

National Geographic GeoBee

All students in grades 5 – 8  participate in the annual Geography Bee.  One student from each grade level competes to determine a school winner who takes a written test from the National Geographic Bee.  The winner from Ste Jeanne d'Arc School competes to qualify for the State Geography Bee and based on performance at the state competition, potentially moves on to compete at the national level.

Spelling Bee

All students in grades 5 - 8 participate in a school-wide Spelling Bee.  Preliminary rounds are held to narrow the field of participants down to the top ten from each grade for a total of 40 competitors.  Those forty finalists compete in an evening competition held at a public venue to determine the school’s spelling bee winner. The school winner competes at the regional spelling bee sponsored by the Daily Item in Lynn, Mass.