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Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid at SJA

Many families have questions about the financial aid application process at Ste Jeanne d’Arc School.  In order to make the process easier for parents, some of the more commonly asked questions are listed below.  Feel free to the school office for more information or for help in filling out your FACTS application form.

What is SJA Tuition Assistance?

SJA Tuition Assistance provides financial aid to qualified families and their children who attend Ste Jeanne d'Arc School.  Parents who enroll their children at SJA want the academically challenging and service-oriented Catholic education that we provide.  However, some families may find that they are not able to fully meet the financial obligations.  SJA tuition assistance allows families to realize their dream of an SJA education for their children.

Who should apply for financial aid?

All families who feel they need assistance in meeting their tuition obligations are invited to apply.

Is there a way of knowing if my family qualifies for assistance before I apply?

The only way of knowing if you qualify is to fill out the application and be evaluated by FACTS who are qualified to look at all aspects of a family’s income and expenses and make a determination of need. 

How do I apply?

SJA uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, an outside company that evaluates each applicant’s financial circumstances to decide if a family qualifies for financial aid.  Families can submit their applications between November and April of each year.  Financial assistance applications are reviewed by the SJA administration who determines how much aid qualified families will receive.  Each year, the total amount awarded depends on the available funds.  All information provided by FACTS is kept strictly confidential and viewed only by those who determine the family’s need.

Who determines the amount of aid and whether or not a family receives assistance?

The school administration is the sole determiner of financial aid disbursement for funds that come from the school and from the Catholic Schools Foundation.  Other agencies (for example, St. Vincent de Paul) have their own process for selection.

Does SJA receive scholarship money from FACTS?

No!  FACTS is simply an agency that evaluates family need and makes recommendations to the school based on the amount of aid a family needs.  This enables us to prioritize our resources and give assistance to those most in need.  The analysis completed by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment serves as a recommendation only.

How is tuition assistance funded?

Tuition assistance is funded through the generosity of many donors.  Ste Jeanne d'Arc School’s Memorial Giving Program allows individuals to contribute to our tuition assistance funds in memory of a loved one.  The SJA Advancement Office seeks out grant opportunities to supplement our financial aid resources.  Organizations such as the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa, the Catholic Schools Foundation, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are generous contributors to our tuition assistance funds.  As the need grows, we are constantly looking for donors who want to provide a Catholic education for students in need.

How do donors fund SJA Tuition Assistance?

Most donors contribute to SJA’s Tuition Assistance Program by making a donation to one of the funds in our Memorial Giving Program.  Families who wish to make a long-term commitment may establish a fund in memory of a loved one that provides annual funding for families in need of assistance.

Donors interested in making a charitable gift to SJA’s Tuition Assistance Program should contact the Advancement Office for more information.  Ste Jeanne d'Arc School is a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS.  All financial contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If I have a question about financial aid, to whom should I speak?

Any questions concerning financial assistance or the application process should be directed to school office at 978-453-4114.

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