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Alumni Volunteer

Alumni are the glue between our past and our future. Here are some ways you can help us continue our mission: 

Volunteer - Volunteers are at the heart of Ste Jeanne d’Arc School. The commitment of our alumni has a big impact on the life of current students. Did you win a spelling bee or science or art award? Why not volunteer as a judge at the annual Science or Art Fair? There are many occasions in which volunteers are needed. Please let us know your interests and expertise, and we will help you find a good opportunity for volunteering.

Financial support — Alumni provide financial support directly in the form of donations or indirectly through introductions to potential donors and active participation in peer to peer fundraising.

Partnerships — Alumni are in an excellent position to broker partnerships between Ste Jeanne d'Arc School and their employers/affiliated organizations. We are always looking for innovative ways to bring real-life experiences to our students.  We also require raffle prize donations and sponsors for our annual events such as the Student Walk, May Fair and Field Day.

Enhance the quality of teaching — Alumni help to bring overall improvement in the quality of teaching by sharing their real-life experiences with students.

First Day of School 2004

May Fair 2009