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Elisabeth Bruyère Awards Dinner

Elisabeth Bruyère is the foundress of the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa (Grey Nuns of the Cross) whose members have been staffing and administering Ste Jeanne d'Arc School for over 110 years.  

Dear Friends,

We are always joyful when we have the opportunity to gather with you in celebration. You mean the world to us and your health and safety are of paramount concern.

Based on the ongoing events concerning the COVID-19 virus we believe it is prudent to cancel our Elisabeth Bruyère Award Dinner honoring James F. Linnehan Jr., Esq. at this time. Letters have been mailed to sponsors and guests who purchased tickets. We will be honoring Jay at a future date to be determined when the risks have diminished.

We cannot wait to gather with you in health and safety. 

If you have any questions please email Jacqueline Schnackertz at any time or call 978-454-7038. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this difficult time. God bless.

Sister Préscille Malo,




History of Elisabeth Bruyère

At the age of 21, Elisabeth joined the Sisters of Charity of Montreal (Grey Nuns), the congregation founded by Ste Marguerite D’Youville.  She was attracted by the mission of these sisters which was to reflect the compassionate and loving face of God the Father as they reached out to the needy and the marginalized without distinction throughout the Montreal area. In 1880, the sisters were invited to Lowell to open schools for the French-Canadians whose families had come to find a better life in the textile mills.  In 1930, they brought new life to the Lowell Corporation Hospital by staffing St. Joseph Hospital.  In 1960, they launched what is now D’Youville Life and Wellness Community to respond to new needs, those of the frail elderly.

Elisabeth appears as a model of prayer, trust in God, courage, daring, compassion openness, and availability to those in need.  The Sisters of Charity of Ottawa have all been challenged to follow in her footsteps.  Their long legacy to the population of Lowell attests that the effort has borne abundant fruit.  The students of Ste Jeanne d'Arc School have been the direct beneficiaries of the sisters’ dedication to the mission of education.

The Elisabeth Bruyère Award Dinner honors those individuals, businesses or entities who emulate the compassion for those in need demonstrated by Elisabeth. 


Our next honoree Is James F. Linnehan Jr., Esq.!

James (Jay) Linnehan, Jr. Esq. is the president and CEO of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation.   

The Foundation is a philanthropic organization comprised of over 350 funds and dedicated to improving the quality of life in 20 neighboring cities and towns. 

Jay has been involved in community and philanthropy work for over twenty-five years, serving on the boards of multiple local charities including Ste Jeanne d'Arc School, D'Youville Life and Wellness   

Community, and Lowell Telecommunications Corp. He proudly serves as an Incorporator for the Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank and Lowell General Hospital Circle Health. Prior to the Foundation, Jay served as executive vice president at Middlesex Community College. 

Jay is a lifelong Lowell resident who received his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School and his bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.