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Memorial Fund & Tribute Gift Lists

Scholarship Funds


The following scholarship funds are used to assist school families experiencing difficulty meeting their tuition payments due to unemployment, unexpected or prolonged illness, or other family crisis:

Roland E. Desrochers Tuition Assistance Fund
This fund was established by the Desrochers family in remembrance of Roland E. Desrochers, who was a graduate of Ste Jeanne d'Arc School.

Louis and Marie-Louise Gagnon Fund 
This fund was established by the Gagnon family, in remembrance of their parents, Louis and Marie-Louise.

Paul A. Gagnon Scholarship Fund 
This fund was established by the Gagnon family, in remembrance of Paul A. Gagnon, a local businessman and an active member of Ste Jeanne d’Arc Parish.

Joseph W.A. and Bertha Hall Tuition Scholarship Fund
This fund was established by the Hall family in remembrance of Joseph W.A. and Bertha (Daigle) Hall '33 who were generous supporters of Ste Jeanne d'Arc School for many years. 

Nancy Manna Tuition Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in remembrance of Nancy Manna who was a second-grade teacher at Ste Jeanne d'Arc School for many years. 

Kenneth A.R. Nutt Sr. Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in remembrance of Kenneth A.R. Nutt Sr. by his granddaughter, Emily (Brady) Twomey ’05.

The following scholarship funds are awarded to students who meet the criteria for the specific awards:

Blanchette Scholarship Fund
Blanchette Realty Trust offers a scholarship to recognize the efforts of a junior high student who has done well academically while participating in extracurricular activities. 

Building and Development Fund
This is the school's unrestricted fund.  Donations to this fund are used wherever the need is greatest - the academic program, building improvements or acquisition of equipment or materials.

Normand R. D'Amour Memorial Scholarship Fund
Normand R. D’Amour’s family established this scholarship in his name. Normand was a graduate of Ste Jeanne d'Arc School, a local attorney, and a long-time member of the Ste Jeanne d'Arc School Advisory Council. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated consistent academic achievement throughout the year, responsible leadership in the classroom, and an enthusiasm for physical education and good sportsmanship.

Antonio J. and Lauretta G. Gagnon Scholarship Fund
The Antonio and Lauretta Gagnon Scholarship was established by the Gagnon family in memory of their deceased parents. This award is given to a student who has excelled in his or her academic work and been a successful and motivated learner.

Bernadette H. Glotzbach Technology Scholarship Fund
The family and friends of Bernadette H. Glotzbach have established a yearly scholarship in her honor to recognize two students ( a boy and a girl) who have made the best use of their talents during the year at Ste Jeanne d’Arc School. These deserving students have not only given 100% effort in their technology class, they emulate the qualities of Mrs. Bernadette Glotzbach’s kind heart, generosity of time and talents, compassion and patience towards others, support of all SJA activities, and are team-oriented in their unselfish support of fellow students, teachers, staff, and the school.

Christian Gualtieri Athletic Fund
The Christian Gualtieri Athletic Fund was established in 2009 by the Gualtieri family as a way to remember and honor Christian's memory and to provide support to the athletic department in various ways.  Funds are used to provide deserving students opportunities to participate in athletic programs, purchase uniforms and equipment, build and maintain the playground, and purchase game tables for two activity rooms.  Furthermore, it offers yearly athletic scholarships to two deserving athletes who emulate Christian's qualities of excellent sportsmanship, and perseverance, and are athletes who are held in high regard by both teammates and coaches.  Christian attended SJA from kindergarten through grade five and is most remembered for his bright smile, sense of humor, and friendly manner. Christian was actively involved in the sports program, participating in intramural basketball, bowling, and Tae Kwon Do.  He was most passionate about being on the school's cross-country team. 

Denise M. Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Denise Hall Memorial Scholarships are offered to students who have maintained a high level of commitment to their academic work throughout the year. They must also have demonstrated the qualities of a Christian lifestyle, reflecting Ste Jeanne d’Arc values. Denise was a 1965 graduate of Ste Jeanne d’Arc. Her memory is kept alive by friends and family who support our educational efforts.

Charles R. and Jeannine G. Haskell Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Lopes Family established this scholarship in remembrance of Jeannine G. Haskell in order to recognize students who exemplify the Ste Jeanne d'Arc School spirit in their social and academic behaviors.  

Father Anatole Lessard Scholarship Fund
These scholarships are awarded at the end of the school year. One is given to a graduate at graduation; another to a current student at the last day of school awards ceremony.  

Henry and Gertrude Morrissette Scholarship Fund
The Henry and Gertrude Morrissette Scholarship Fund was established by the Morrissette family in honor of their parents, long-time Ste Jeanne d'Arc School supporters, Henry and Gertrude (Lefebvre) '38 Morrissette. This scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated a positive attitude and strong work ethic in his/her studies. 

Ste Jeanne d’Arc School Athletic Program Fund
These funds help us to fund our athletic program at Ste Jeanne d'Arc School.

Ste Jeanne d'Arc Educational Fund (Endowment Fund)
The Educational Fund is an endowment intended to provide the school with an annual income to be used for general operating expenses. Only the interest generated by this fund can be spent. The principal remains intact through the years to ensure the future stability of the school, protecting Ste Jeanne d’Arc from periods of possible economic hardship in the future.

Ste Jeanne d’Arc School Library/Media Center Fund
These funds help us to continually update and expand our volumes and materials inventory in order to provide our students with a well-equipped library/media center where they can access the resources they need for all their courses.

STEM Scholarship
The STEM Scholarship recognizes the importance of science, technology, engineering and math. The award is presented to a student who has performed well in the areas of science, and math and has shown an aptitude and commitment to our STEM initiatives. 

James, Yvette and Elsie Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Taylor family established a scholarship fund in memory of their parents, James Taylor and Yvette Lamarche Taylor and their aunt Elsie Taylor Wilson.  This scholarship is awarded to students with a positive spirit and attitude who have made consistent academic progress throughout the year.