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Roof Replacement Campaign

Mark Altenweg
Daniel Bedard
Meredith Boumil-Flynn
Rev. Richard Clancy
Tara Dhar
Colleen Donohoe


Elizabeth Hall
Sister Pauline Leblanc
Monique Letendre
James F. Linnehan, Jr.
Stephen Lyons
Katherine Mackland-Rivera

Donald Main
Willima Manchenton, Jr.
Jack O'Connor
William Soucy
Germaine Vigeant Trudel

We are grateful to our Roof Replacement Campaign donors who are with us on this journey.

SJA Class of 2020


Mark Altenweg

Bob and Jan Audet

Mary Jane Bedard

Donald Bedard

Daniel and Camille Bedard

The Belleville Family

Bernard Bergeron

Don and Margot Boucher

Roy and Lorraine Corbeil

Demoulas Foundation

Suzanne Dery

Laura Deschenes

Jan Descoteaux

Mr. and Mrs. David Donahue

Nancy Donahue

Dracut House of Pizza & Seafood Restaurant

George and Carol Duncan

Robert and Ann Dunham

Enterprise Bank

Bob Flynn and Meredith Boumil Flynn

Louise Fournier

Gerard and Susan Frechette

David Gagnon

Steve and Lynn Goulas

Mr. and Mr. Jon Gould & Family

Jacinte and John Grise

Denise Guilbeault

Kaelagh Haley

Ken Hall

Elizabeth Hall

Rene Hardy

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Alice Kaiser

Dr. Sheila Kirschbaum

Monique Letendre

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Linnehan

Diane and David Loehle

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Lougee

John Lyko Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting, Inc.

Donald Main

Mama's Italian Restaurant, Inc.

Bill and Molly Manchenton

Jeffrey Manna

Gerard Marchand

Henri and Nancy Marchand

Rene Marchand

William and Martha Martin

Diane and Rick Meagher

Max Meehan

Corice Misencik

The Misquita Family

Nicole Morrill

Roland and Virginia Morrissette

William Mosakowski

John J. Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Notini

Jack and Therese O'Connor

Bernard and Judith Peloquin

Patrick Pham (8A)


Victor and Carmel Poirier

Raytheon Matching Gifts

Dr. Richard Robillard

Stephen St. Pierre

Aline and Ernesto Sanz

The Schnackertz Family

Shaw Farm Dairy, Inc.

Sisters of Charity of Ottawa

William and Renee Soucy

Dick and Beverly Thomas

Germaine Vigeant-Trudel

Michelle and Joe Zebniak

You are made a difference!

Thank you!

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